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Transit australia has ceased publication. The last issue was June 2018.

Hard Copy Back Issues - Limited Availability 

While winding up the affairs of Transit Australia we have discovered a supply of old hard copy back issues. Available are copies of Electric Traction from mid 70s to mid 80s and various copies of Transit Australia in the 2000s. While the complete set of back issues are now available on DVD some former readers may be interested in securing hard copies of earlier issues of the magazine. If you are interested in any particular hard copy back issues please us at or by Facebook Messenger. If there is enough interest we will compile a list of available issues. Due to space limitations the hard copies will eventually discarded so this will be the last opportunity to secure hard copies.

Important Announcement for
Transit Australia Subscribers -19 November 2019

Transit Australia Back Issues DVDs have been mailed to all our print subscribers who chose that option as refund of their part 2018 subscription. All print cash refunds have also been made.

The DVDs are now available for purchase by others below.

We are having difficulties identifying our digital subscribers and have not had the cooperation of our digital partner that we would have expected in order to identify and contact those with outstanding issues. Discussions are continuing and we hope to progress this soon. We have had email contact with several digital subscribers and the DVDs have been mailed to them. You know who you are.

If you were a digital subscriber who had unfulfilled issues of the magazine please contact

There are still a number of subscribers who have still not returned their refund letter. If you are one of those please contact us ASAP so that this whole exercise can be finally wrapped up.

Back Issues on DVD

Digital Reproductions of Transit Australia
and its predecessors Tram Tracks and Electric Traction

In May 1946 Australia’s first magazine produced solely for tramway enthusiasts was published as “Tram Tracks”. Economics forced the publication to evolve to be part of the monthly “Railways in Australia” from September 1949 covering the topics of Tramway, Trolley Bus and Electric Rail. From March 1951 Electric Traction was mooted as The Official Journal of the Australian Electric Traction Association. Electric Traction became a separate publication once more from January 1951 and continued in various looks and sizes until December 1986.
The Journal has taken the following forms;

Tram Tracks – May 1946 to August 1949
Electric Traction – September 1949 to December 1950
(Part of Railways in Australia)
Electric Traction – January 1951 to December 1986
Transit Australia – January 1987 to 2018

The life of the journal has covered many major significant milestones in the development and evolution of the transport sectors of focus. These events can now be relived in the pages of the back issues presented on this DVD.
Volume 1 covers issues from 1946 to 1970
Volume 2 covers issues from 1971 to 1995
Volume 3 covers issues from 1996 to 2018
Viewable on Mac or PC operating systems.

Volume 1
Tram Tracks – 1946 - 1949
Electric Traction – 1949 - 1970

Posted within Australia $AUD25
Posted overseas $AUD32

Back Issues DVD Volume 1

Volume 2
Electric Traction – 1971 - 1986
Transit Australia – 1987 - 1995
Posted within Australia $AUD30
Posted overseas $AUD37

Back Issues DVD Volume 2

Volume 3
Transit Australia – 1996 - 2018

Posted within Australia $AUD30
Posted overseas $AUD37


Back Issues DVD Volume 3


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